Writer, poet, musician, hungry diner at the table of life, enjoying every last crumb of this meal and cleaning my plate; happily perverse in my passions.

I’m trying my best to ensure he does not succeed

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My dog, I’ll call him Joe, well that is his name (no reason to protect his identity), is a five-year-old boxer. He’s neutered, but you couldn’t prove it by his sex drive. He’s insatiable when it comes to sex. And his stamina is enviable! My God!

Joe’s insatiable!

He displays…

Free Verse

Seduction is salesmanship.

Photo by Getty Images from Canva

“These are your fortune, boy. Be suspicious of anyone who shows you how to make a living without using them.” Alfred Fuller Sr. referring to his hands.

Daddy sold brushes
Hair brushes
Cleaning brushes
Garment brushes
Good brushes
Fuller Brushes
I never knew him

No big deal
Grandad raised me
Taught me…

Music Video Review

Check out his hilarious new music video

Photo by Darren Patton, Sr., Joshua Rosario, Nic Clark

Jump Blues! Party music!

In October last year I reviewed the album, Living in the City, Big Harp George’s then brand new album. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan — ok, I’m a huge fan. For good reason, IMO. As I glowingly described in my review, George’s music delivers everything I look…

An Admission of Guilt

We could use an infrastructure of facts

Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

Confidently, angrily,
we state our convictions:
this is that, that is this
“Global warming is a hoax!”
“Politicians are all crooks!”
“I lost because the
system is rigged!”
“All Southerners are rednecks!”
“Same- sex marriage is wrong!”
“I’m not racist, I just don’t want
them living next door!”
“Left alone, corporations will
do the right thing!”
“It’s my…

“Oh, the humanity!” Herb Morrison, the Hindenburg disaster, 1937

“Murder at Sunset” Image by Richard L. Boyer

Murder heinous and bold
Forever it kindles
The most primal senses

Precise and regular
Exact as an atomic clock
Go set your watch

Each day we humans gape
No person intervenes
Blood sport this is

Life-giving light stains
A liquid counterpane
Blue and gray to orange and red

Huge crowds…

Richard L. Boyer

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