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Writer, poet, musician, hungry diner at the table of life, enjoying every last crumb of this meal and cleaning my plate; happily perverse in my passions.

A Flash Rant

But what do I know?

Photo by @Richard L. Boyer

A lot of little things in life are really annoying. We call them pet peeves. They peeve us. Yes, peeve is both a verb and a noun, as in, “people who eat with their mouths open really peeve me.” Irritate, annoy, vex, bother, upset, gall, etc.; there are lots of synonyms for peeve, which owes to the fact there are so many of the damn things in life.

The Plastic Bottle Peeve

The one that triggered me this morning was my bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizer® with SPF 15. I like the product — yes, I moisturize daily — and I like its convenient…

I’m trying my best to ensure he does not succeed

Image by photojagodka — Getty Images

My dog, I’ll call him Joe, well that is his name (no reason to protect his identity), is a five-year-old boxer. He’s neutered, but you couldn’t prove it by his sex drive. He’s insatiable when it comes to sex. And his stamina is enviable! My God!

Joe’s insatiable!

He displays his sexual prowess by humping his monkey for 60 to 90 minutes a day. He holds off until he has the largest possible audience, so the nuclear family is routinely treated to doggy porn during dinner. Joe saves his most fervent performances for when we have guests. …

Free Verse

Seduction is salesmanship.

Photo by Getty Images from Canva

“These are your fortune, boy. Be suspicious of anyone who shows you how to make a living without using them.” Alfred Fuller Sr. referring to his hands.

Daddy sold brushes
Hair brushes
Cleaning brushes
Garment brushes
Good brushes
Fuller Brushes
I never knew him

No big deal
Grandad raised me
Taught me to rebuild
A Chevy 327 V8
Taught me to fix
Washing machines
How to fight

I knew my mama
Hugged tighter
Than anyone you ever met
Wore clip-on earrings
Smelled like
Fresh bread, Ivory soap
Died too young

Daddy sold door to door
From a sample case
Wore a suit…

Music Video Review

Check out his hilarious new music video

Photo by Darren Patton, Sr., Joshua Rosario, Nic Clark

Jump Blues! Party music!

In October last year I reviewed the album, Living in the City, Big Harp George’s then brand new album. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan — ok, I’m a huge fan. For good reason, IMO. As I glowingly described in my review, George’s music delivers everything I look for in music: entertainment, quality writing and musicianship, and accessibility. The CD, Living in the City is still in constant rotation at the Boyer abode.

George has just released a new single accompanied by a video that is simply hilarious, It’s Tuesday.


Photo by mirceax, Getty Images

Good Dog, Joe!

I’ve been taking boxer Joe on nightly walks. Our neighborhood is well-lighted and has sidewalks, so it feels safe to walk any time, day or night. Nighttime walks after dinner are also good, because it helps burn off some of Joe’s crazy energy and gives him a chance to poop and drain the tank before bedtime.

I use a little of the time on these walks to train Joe: sit, stay, down, come. I’ve given up on teaching him to heal, because he either can’t learn it or simply refuses. I suspect it’s…

An Admission of Guilt

We could use an infrastructure of facts

Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

Confidently, angrily,
we state our convictions:
this is that, that is this
“Global warming is a hoax!”
“Politicians are all crooks!”
“I lost because the
system is rigged!”
“All Southerners are rednecks!”
“Same- sex marriage is wrong!”
“I’m not racist, I just don’t want
them living next door!”
“Left alone, corporations will
do the right thing!”
“It’s my right to carry weapons
wherever and whenever I choose!”
“All conservatives are idiots!”

Can we calm down for a minute? It would be helpful if there was a high concrete wall too steep and smooth to climb. Or a fence; perhaps…

This is not the routine!

Image by SikorskiFotografie — Getty Pro Images

Boxer Joe was dug in
Like a Marine
On the beachhead at Iwo Jima
Immovable as a giant Sequoia
I pulled his leash
Tugged his collar
C’mon Joe, let’s go
A different way tonight
Let’s shake things up

Joe was right — We always go left

No joy
Joe was having none of it
We’d gone up the sidewalk
As usual as trash day
Past the bark-shedding
Stand of gray melaleucas
As usual as Sunday
Joe checked the lamp pole
For messages
As usual as Flag Day
And when we reached the corner
Of Reed and Grant
On a whim
I decided to go right…

“Oh, the humanity!” Herb Morrison, the Hindenburg disaster, 1937

“Murder at Sunset” Image by Richard L. Boyer

Murder heinous and bold
Forever it kindles
The most primal senses

Precise and regular
Exact as an atomic clock
Go set your watch

Each day we humans gape
No person intervenes
Blood sport this is

Life-giving light stains
A liquid counterpane
Blue and gray to orange and red

Huge crowds gather
Joyful worshipful spiritual
Speechless awestruck

Romans understood it
Mayhem they watched
Wild cheering and lustful

Gladiators and lions
A spectacle it was
Gruesome and glorious

Death prolonged is best
Gets the blood up
A show well done

The warm victim
Kept up and tracking from
Dawn to dusk until…

Richard L. Boyer

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